January 13, 2018


Registration for the 2018 Battle is currently FULL! Please feel free to register for the waitlist and get communications about next years Battle!

The Conestoga High School Science Olympiad Team will be hosting the Battle at Valley Forge Invitational Tournament on Saturday, January 13, 2018 at Conestoga High School in Berwyn, PA. This Invitational has attracted teams every year from all over the East Coast, with teams coming from as far south as Virginia and as far north as New York due to its convenient location, friendly atmosphere, and solid competition among new and seasoned teams. This tournament is open to all C-Division teams and will be a great opportunity to experience the events for the 2017-2018 Science Olympiad Season prior to the Regional competitions. The tournament will be conducted similar to the Regional and State Tournaments, with all of the events run in 50-minute time slots from 9:00am until 3:00pm on the day of the tournament. In addition to being a fun, exciting, and motivating experience with the new events, the Battle at Valley Forge Invitational will be a considerable resource—as all teams in attendance will receive copies of the tests given that day along with the answer keys to so that students can learn from the experience. The Battle at Valley Forge Invitational Tournament can also be a good opportunity to give more students the chance to participate in a Science Olympiad tournament. While teams can have no more than 15 competitors, you may bring multiple teams to the Invitational—giving some of the “JV” Olympians a chance to participate in the events or can even be part of your team’s try-outs. Registration will be accepted on a rolling basis, with a limit of 42 teams. The registration fee will be $100 per team pending space.

In order to accommodate more schools to attend the tournament and thus share the workload of running events, preference will be given to registering the 1st and 2nd Teams from Each School until December 1st. This will be done via an online form found here. After receiving a confirmation email regarding the event(s) your school will be running and the number of teams registered for the Battle at Valley Forge by December 1st, you will need to send in your registration fee within 30 days to secure your spot.

Participating teams will run events on the day of the tournament. Preference should be noted on the registration form as to which events are desired, as all events will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis. If you are a new coach, please indicate that on the registration form so that assistance can be provided for running the event. Moreover, each Event Supervisor will be asked to bring copies of the test along with answer keys so that they can be used as a resource for all of the teams after the tournament. Medals and ribbons will be given out for the top places in each event, and team trophies will be awarded to the overall top teams. In case of inclement weather, there is a plan in place found on our Weather Contingency page. Please check this out for our policy.

Conestoga High School is located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, 30 minutes northwest of Philadelphia and near Valley Forge National Park. The school is located right off of US-202 and is 10 minutes from the PA Turnpike at King of Prussia. There are many local accommodation options available; the most convenient and one of the cheapest is listed on the Housing page. A concession stand will also be available the day of the tournament to provide sustenance to your hungry Olympians. ALL PROCEEDS OF THE CONCESSION STAND BENEFIT POOR FAMILIES & STUDENTS around the globe . If you are interested in attending the Battle at Valley Forge Invitational Tournament, please fill out the registration form or feel free to contact the event organizer, Derrick Wood at woodd@tesd.net. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at our tournament!!
Registration Form

*NOTE* If you would like to bring more than one team, each team must be registered separately with your State office. Usually, this is not a significantly higher fee like the first registration fee (~$60 in PA) but the National Office needs each team to be registered--even if they are from the same school. Please contact your State Office to find out the fee/form to submit. Once your additional team is registered, you are covered no matter how many different Invitationals you attend!

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